Waterproof Kids Smartwatch, Anti-lost GPS tracker Smart Watch for Children Girls Boys İndir

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  • 17 Nis 2018

  • Get it Here - http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/YniIuJI Real waterproof GPRS smart watch GPS Positioning: The watch with GPS Positioning function. And there have 2 mode map for you to track the kids. Voice Micro Chat: Watch not only can make a call, but also can make a voice Micro chat with parents. Remote Monitoring Function: One way listening to the sound about the kid's environment at any time. To join the day of the child. How to use the watch: (Not every one will met the offline problem) Register the APP Step 1: Scan the QR code to download the APP. Step 2: Enter the APP. And then enter all the needed information. Step 3: Please note that the "Area" in the lower right corner. You need to choose the correct area where your country belong to. Device offline problem If you met the "Device Offline" Or "No equipment connect". Step 1: Please send this command to the watch. "pw,123456,ts#" And you will get a reply. As the picture. Step 2: Check the IP is correct. If it's incorrect. Please send this command to change it."pw,123456,ip,(IP address),8001#". For Example: if you need to change it to North America IP. Send this: "pw,123456,ip,,8001#". Set successfully, will get a reply message like [surl,,port,8001#]ok!" IP of each different area: Set APN To set the APN for the watch. Please call to SIM card provider to ask what's the (APN name) and (MCC MNC) (user name) and (the password) of the SIM card which insert in the watch. After know these information. Please send this command: pw,123456,apn,(apnname),(username),(password),(MCCMNC)# For example: Access to China Unicom, APN name is "uniwap",username and password is empty,MCC is "460",MNC is "01". So, The code is "pw,123456,apn,uniwap,,,46001#" Get it Here - http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/YniIuJI