WatchPhone - Hybrid Smartphone and Wristwatch for Kids. Your kids first GPS watch phone!|キッズ時計型携帯 İndir

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  • 26 Mar 2017

  • Check out our Latest WatchPhone, myFirst Fone R1: for Japanese Customers 日本のお客様: 2021年新発売の4G対応モデルです WatchPhone (myFirst Fone S1) is a hybrid between a smartphone and a wrist watch. It is a fusion of functionality and convenience for parents who wants to add security to their child. Features includes 1. GPS 2. Voice calls 3. 3G compatibility 4. Text messaging 5. Odometer 6. Color touch screen 7. Geo-location fencing 8. Battery life of 3-5 days 9. SOS alert 10. Splashproof Website: to know more!