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  • 23 Eki 2018

  • The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! - Under Arrest: Mattocks (Brian Keith) faces down the Russian captain (Theodore Bikel) and his artillery. BUY THE MOVIE:​ Watch the best The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! scenes & clips:​ FILM DESCRIPTION: When a Soviet submarine gets stuck on a sandbar off the coast of a New England island, its commander (Theodore Bikel) orders his second-in-command, Lieutenant Rozanov (Alan Arkin), to get them moving again before there is an international incident. Rozanov seeks assistance from the island locals, including the police chief (Brian Keith) and a vacationing television writer (Carl Reiner), while trying to allay their fears of a Communist invasion by claiming he and his crew are Norwegian sailors. CREDITS: TM & © MGM (1966) Cast: Alan Arkin, Brian Keith, Theodore Bikel Director: Norman Jewison Watch More: ► Fresh New Clips:​ ► Classic Trailers:​ ► Hot New Trailers:​ ► Clips From Movies Coming Soon:​ ► Indie Movie Clips:​ ► Deleted Scenes:​ ► Bloopers:​ ► Celebrity Interviews:​ Fuel Your Movie Obsession: ► Subscribe to MOVIECLIPS:​ ► Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS:​ ► Like us on FACEBOOK:​ ► Follow us on TWITTER:​ ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM:​ The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.


  • андрей божок

    'Этот фильм мне очень понравился... Он высмеивает параноиков, которые хотят войны с Россией! Они спрячутся в своих подземных бункерах, даже останутся живы. Но тогда погибнут простые люди, которым негде будет спрятаться. Рабочие, фермеры погибнут. А те, кто выживет, ... Кто будет их обслуживать?.. и доллары превратятся в пустые бумажки, которыми можно топить камин... Well, I like this movie. Because its* comedy with a little piece of humour... Hello everybody and so long!!! Uncle Andy from Moscow. Russia

  • 123456RaulMorales
    123456RaulMorales 1 yıl önce


  • Komuto Herovato
    Komuto Herovato 10 ay önce

    Прикольный фильм,даже удивлён что в период холодной воны в сша сняли такое

  • charlie tamez
    charlie tamez 6 ay önce

    i remember my dad laughing and telling me, that the gun on that boat would blow up that whole pier and with everyone on it with one shot

  • Chuck Nasty
    Chuck Nasty 10 ay önce

    and then WW3 is averted by Jody from Family Affair hanging from the church gutter.......

  • Dance Hotel Zumba
    Dance Hotel Zumba 11 ay önce

    Alan Arkin with hair before he played the chief in the Get Smart movie!

  • Pilum1000
    Pilum1000 1 yıl önce

    as a Russian, i think, i want watch this comedy movie :)

  • Luvliv Own
    Luvliv Own 4 ay önce

    All y'all are under arrest lol.

    BROKEN HEARTS 2 yıl önce


  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 2 yıl önce

    Thank God for the second amendment!!

  • سيف HD. الباشاریال


  • Whicker
    Whicker 1 yıl önce

    The democrats r coming, the democrats r coming. Would make a great spoof of this great movie.

  • КОБА
    КОБА 3 hafta önce

    nonsense .. Russians don't need the USA

  • Сатанист Ра
    Сатанист Ра 1 yıl önce

    Наш не дом и не улица

  • Black Rock shooter
    Black Rock shooter 2 yıl önce

    I like it, how our people will Rather right to the death to protect our families,than surrender

  • DavidLee Thompson
    DavidLee Thompson 3 ay önce


  • DaveDaShrubber
    DaveDaShrubber 7 ay önce

    This movie would have been funnier if it had begun with the Russian submarine captain causing the total scumbag political officer to have a fatal "accident."

  • gvizdon forgrimm
    gvizdon forgrimm 1 yıl önce

    Another example of a Russophobian movie vseerek everyone knows that Americans with foam at the mouth hate Russians (this feeling is mutual) I personally will grit my teeth at the word American I love you is not so much surprised by this film