Superstars show support for Roman Reigns following his emotional announcement: Oct. 22, 2018 İndir

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  • 22 Eki 2018

  • Moments after announcing that his returning leukemia had forced to relinquish the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns is met with an outpouring of support backstage. #Raw GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and updates: Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: --------------------------------------------- Check out our other channels! --------------------------------------------- The Bella Twins: UpUpDownDown: WWEMusic: Total Divas: ------------------------------------ WWE on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Giphy:


  • Finn The Elemental
    Finn The Elemental 7 ay önce

    I felt that when Paul heyman said “your not alone”

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 5 ay önce


  • Jugaad Vlogger
    Jugaad Vlogger 4 ay önce

    He has defeated almost everybody in the roster. Now it's time for leukaemia. Don't worry, time heals everything and Roman will too.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 8 ay önce

    anybody saw : strowman is crying 😭

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 3 hafta önce

    The Big Dog Is Back🔥

  • Brad Blaich
    Brad Blaich 8 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    1 like= 1 prayer for Roman and a riot for lukekimia

  • Erik Ibarra
    Erik Ibarra 5 ay önce

    It’s so crazy how all the fans hated him, but it never fazed him even with everything he had going on. And he still worked his hardest to make that comeback. So much respect to Roman. He deserves more respect and cheers

  • kawaki uzumaki
    kawaki uzumaki 6 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    "Don't get my rental car it isn't even a SUV I came last minute I wasn't prepared"

  • Lembardi
    Lembardi 6 ay önce


  • lethal lathario
    lethal lathario 2 hafta önce


  • bruno li
    bruno li 2 ay önce

    Who else loves when the WWE stars break out of character and are just so kind and proud of each other

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez 8 ay önce

    It looked like Heyman & Braun cried when they hugged Joe. That’s emotional to me. Idk why, though

  • Hamad Al-Yousef
    Hamad Al-Yousef 1 yıl önce

    I thought it was Shawn Michaels who said “My real name is Joe” and then Roman laughed.

  • Ebony Hicks
    Ebony Hicks 3 ay önce

    It's funny seeing Roman out of character at the end 😂 seems like a very down to earth and humble kind of guy. We all need a Roman in our lives 😭 lol and a Randy js 🤷🏾‍♀️ lol

  • Dean Unstable Ambrose


  • Jesse Bradford
    Jesse Bradford 5 ay önce

    I’ve seen many real interviews with him and he honestly seems like a genuine guy. I got tired of him in WWE but knowing he’s pretty cool helps me accept him in the ring.

  • Mille Richard
    Mille Richard 8 ay önce

    When Braun whispered in Romans ear I thought braun said when you come back your gonna get these hands

  • NathanLBT
    NathanLBT 1 yıl önce

    Roman Reign will Superman punch leukemia so hard

  • Expresso Gaming
    Expresso Gaming 2 ay önce


  • Devesh Khanna
    Devesh Khanna 6 ay önce