The Train is Coming | BST Kids Songs İndir

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  • 27 Eki 2018

  • Mealtimes can make your dining table a small battleground. There are all chances that the picky eater and caring mom may fight a sweet tiff. We have an excellent idea to convert this battlefield to the playground using the available toys in your home! Johny's mom makes use of his food truck for this! She neatly cuts the fruits and arranges them in clean platters. She then converts the toy train to a food truck. And Little Johny's happiness knew no bounds!! Subscribe Billion Surprise Toys Now! for more sing along songs, Nursery rhymes & Kids Songs. We #BSTKids produces short fun stories, rhymes and songs for children. . #nurseryrhymes #kidssongs #forkids #childrensongs #babysongs #BSTKids #kidssong #songsforkids #+MoreNurseryRhymes #andKidsSongs