Roman Reigns receives warm wishes from Superstars, NFL stars & more: WWE Now İndir

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  • 25 Eki 2018

  • From Mr. McMahon to Todd Gurley, the well-wishes came pouring in for Roman Reigns after his shocking news. See how The Big Dog responded. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and updates: Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: --------------------------------------------- Check out our other channels! --------------------------------------------- The Bella Twins: UpUpDownDown: WWEMusic: Total Divas: ------------------------------------ WWE on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Giphy:


  • All about Hack Games
    All about Hack Games 1 yıl önce

    A Good Wrestler

    ADNAN RDX 1 yıl önce


  • Aniga Adiga
    Aniga Adiga 1 yıl önce

    Without Roman,Reigns WWE is like pizza without cheese, phone without battery, body without heart, Allaah bless you Joe, 😘

  • Ayush Kanth
    Ayush Kanth 1 yıl önce

    Is my the only one who watch wwe to see roman?

  • MQ Rahman
    MQ Rahman 1 yıl önce

    I am praying for Roman. I will praying for him always. He is Joe. Joe is our Roman Reigns. May my Allah bless him always. I love him.

  • Rajrani Valmiky
    Rajrani Valmiky 1 yıl önce

    Roman Reigns is a hero, he definitely defeat luekimia, and we will see him very soon.... God bless you Roman, love you Roman

  • Shona Singh
    Shona Singh 1 yıl önce

    God bless you Roman, God bless you always And stay healthy forever,Think positive and come back soon ,Love you Roman

  • Araaf shamim
    Araaf shamim 1 yıl önce

    Get well soon roman

  • Lee Jack
    Lee Jack 1 yıl önce

    👊superman punch to leukemia

    BG_EXTREME_GAMER 1 yıl önce

    hello whoever is scrolling down the comments bless you and your family and friends have a great day :)

  • Naman Jain
    Naman Jain 1 yıl önce

    I love you Roman I'm praying for you get well soon

  • Uma Beri
    Uma Beri 1 yıl önce

    this times its not about title its about life.

  • bree bree
    bree bree 1 yıl önce

    Can't wait to see u back in your yaaaaaaaard

  • Akash bhardwaj
    Akash bhardwaj 1 yıl önce

    We love❤😘 you Roman

  • Mason Rand_123
    Mason Rand_123 1 yıl önce (düzenlendi)

    We miss you roman!! LIKE IF YOU AGREE !

  • random things with alisa

    Love you Roman your the toughest wrestler I know I can't wait to see you back In the ring get well soon you inspired me to become a WWE superstar when I get older I'm praying for you and I'm sending get well wishes your way you the real champ your gonna beat lekimia once again and when you do you will be stronger then ever 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Fantasy Star 11
    Fantasy Star 11 1 yıl önce (düzenlendi)

    Thank you Roman wwe coming soon

  • Oye It's ADI
    Oye It's ADI 1 yıl önce

    We love you Roman..❤❤ & we miss you Roman..!!

  • Musical Dost
    Musical Dost 1 yıl önce

    Get Well Soon Bro Roman Reigns.

  • PokeKev 3
    PokeKev 3 1 yıl önce

    I really respect roman, he really loves Wwe and his fans, like him or not we must admit he works really hard. Get well soon❤️