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  • 21 May 2019

  • Cole Bennett came up with the idea for Lyrical Lemonade while still in High School. Through his talk, he walks through what it took to grow Lyrical Lemonade into what it is today along with how he navigated the music world. His talk emphasizes why having a passion for what you do can change the game and bring you success no matter the obstacle. As CEO of Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett has produced some of hip hop’s most viewed videos. Entrepreneur Cole Bennett is not afraid to confront risks to move ideas and creative expression forward. Growing up in Plano IL, Cole enjoyed bringing ideas to life. Whether, creating comics or making skits with friends, he always loved to create. At 17 years old and a senior in high school, Cole produced his first music video. Discovering this deep passion, he founded Lyrical Lemonade while still in high school. After graduation, Cole moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University and further chase his dreams for Lyrical Lemonade. Cole’s dreams quickly became an undeniable reality that led him to dropout of college. His imprint, Lyrical Lemonade, is now a multi-faceted company that specializes in visual content, live events, high demand merchandise and more. At the age of 22, Cole has now directed over 300 music videos for some of the most influential artists that have amassed over 2.8 billion views. Cole has been featured in major publications such as Rolling Stone, Forbes, XXL, and Billboard Magazine. As the Summer approaches, Bennett is exploring another adventure - preparing to enter the beverage business with his very own lemonade. The lemonade launch is just in time for the second annual Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, a hip hop music festival expected to bring together 20,000 people in Douglas Park, Chicago. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


  • No Jumper
    No Jumper 1 yıl önce

    proud of you g, it has been insane watching your come up!

  • Gus
    Gus 1 yıl önce

    Bet the camera man was like “can this dude jus stop movin god damn”

  • AugustK
    AugustK 1 yıl önce

    First “yo” ever used in a Ted talk. Props

  • Codiii
    Codiii 11 ay önce

    I gotta stop dreaming about my dreams and start working on them

  • Savage Grandson
    Savage Grandson 11 ay önce

    this man rly gave a ted talk in slides

  • Motiv8Melo
    Motiv8Melo 1 yıl önce

    Mad respect for giving Mac a moment of silence

  • Urban Adrenaline
    Urban Adrenaline 2 hafta önce

    See y’all in 10 years when this pops up in our recommended

  • Micoola
    Micoola 1 yıl önce

    this storyy needs to be made into a movie

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 10 ay önce

    Who’s watching this after he directed Eminem’s Godzilla video

  • Gildardo Nogales
    Gildardo Nogales 1 hafta önce

    who's watching this after he directed Juice Wrld's last music video?

  • János Pallos
    János Pallos 9 ay önce

    Someone give this man a tissue

  • Cameron Schichtel
    Cameron Schichtel 1 yıl önce

    Props to the mic it’s catching all the liquids in his mouth

  • RaZr Blaze
    RaZr Blaze 3 ay önce

    Plot twist: he was walking around the whole time for steps on his Fitbit

  • KJ Kitcher
    KJ Kitcher 6 ay önce

    Why does Cole Bennett look exactly like I thought he would?

  • Garrett
    Garrett 1 yıl önce

    Things I’ve learned: 1. to become successful you must pace back and fourth 2. Also don’t listen to haters 3. J Cole has a simple palette

    OTF VIBEZ 11 ay önce

    Who else wants a documentary of Cole Bennett!?💯💯💯

  • hum hum
    hum hum 9 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    Are we going to ignore that he's doing this presentation on flip flops

  • Donagh Ó Fiaich
    Donagh Ó Fiaich 6 ay önce

    Someone get this man a tissue.

  • Odd Owl Home Video
    Odd Owl Home Video 1 yıl önce

    Okay but what if Cole Bennett directed this?

  • Tiago.
    Tiago. 8 ay önce

    credits of this vid “directed and edited by cole bennett”