Make Happiness your Superpower | Falguni Vasavada-Oza | TEDxHyderabad İndir

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  • 29 Eki 2018

  • Is happiness elusive? Can we consciously work to achieve happiness? The pursuit of happiness is one that humans have been running after since time immemorial. Just little changes in the way we work can bring us closer our goal of happiness. Falguni, an advertising and marketing professor, took years to realise what would bring her happiness. Rethinking her journey at the age of 40, made Falguni a success. She shares her learnings in this unique talk to tell us of how we can all aspire for that happiness through four simple affirmative actions. Happiness, she says is a conscious choice that one can make. Falguni through her vibrancy inspires us to accept our body and always focus on creating a strong personality that goes beyond physical attributes. In this talk, she shares how your being happy is dependent on only you, and how you can make happiness your lifestyle. Urging everyone to move towards happiness in this high stress world and continue being there is what Falguni attempts with this talk. Dr Falguni Vasavada-Oza takes pride in calling herself a Happy Person. A multidimensional Influencer, she holds a PhD in Advertising, and has been teaching for two decades in the area of Marketing and Advertising. She is currently a Professor at MICA, and loves to analyse how brands grow through the power of communication. Dr Oza is a strong believer in Gender Equality, Body Positivity, Women Empowerment, Work Life Balance and Happiness as a Lifestyle and Motivation. She inspires to accept one’s body and always focus on creating a strong personality that goes beyond physical attributes This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at