Kid Smartwatches Game Watches for Kids Children Calling Watch with Camera with SIM Card İndir

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  • 17 Nis 2018

  • Get it Here - Love needs to be connected anytime, anywhere. This is a child phone watch that you can find wherever you are. It can be fun to learn, health and safety, and nurture your child's growth. Why choose Us? Do you have these questions: do you need to buy a cell phone to communicate with your child? Not convenient to call? I'm not sure what I'm talking about? Worried about allergies? Is it easy to get rid of naughty watches? And so on. Our advantages: 1. Our watch is made of soft silica gel, and the strap is comfortable and stable. 2. Use the telephone directly to communicate with children easily and easily. 3. Loudspeaker ultra-low radiation, high definition screen, adjustable eye brightness, health care. 4. Insert the SIM card to text and call and listen to music. 5. Have the puzzle digital logic game, exercise thinking and brain. 6. High-definition video recording of children's good times. 7. Use a computer to upload photos of the watch to the computer or download the song to the SIM card. Specificationï¼ Model: T06 children's smart game watch Screen: 1.44-inch color touch screen Material: plastic and silicone Battery capacity: 400MA Size: 51.6 * 38.5 * 14.5mm Rechargeable Type: USB cable Standby time: 5-7 days Languages: English,Français, Español, Português, Deutsch, tieng viet, türkçe Package Included: 1 x gift box 1 x smart game watch 1 x USB cable 1 x manualSIM card installation guide. 1. Open the watch dial on the back of the table cover 2. The card into the SIM card cover 3. Cover the SIM card that has installed into the dial 4. Start usingWarm Tip: Be careful not to soak in the water. Keep plenty of battery. Get it Here -