Is This Meghan Markle’s Famous Banana Bread Recipe? İndir

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  • 22 Eki 2018

  • Meghan Markle has social media in a tailspin with many speculating about what could be in her banana bread. On Wednesday, the duchess brought a homemade banana bread loaf on one of the stops of her tour of Australia. The duchess has been tight-lipped about what it is in the banana bread, though many speculate that the secret ingredients are chocolate and ginger. Lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos showed Inside Edition how to make banana bread with that special Markle sparkle.


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    I add a little marijuana just to spice things up

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    Is the recipe different?

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    Wow a banana bread recipe, I’m so interested in this big “breaking news”

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    When you run out of ideas

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    I swear inside edition will soon have worse quality content than buzzfeed. And for something that calls itself a news provider, its extremely sad.

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    Does it really matter if this is her recipe

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    Peter Griffin: "OMG, who the hell cares?!"

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    ok we understand she’s pregnant cool where’s the actual news

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    Well where’s the damn recipe?!

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    Harry looks so damn good. Very cute couple