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  • 22 Eki 2018

  • The human brain is a remarkable achievement in evolution. Unfortunately, the brain activity that kept the human species alive for millions of years is the same brain activity that keeps us from achieving equality today. Author, speaker and CEO, Valerie Alexander, explains how the human brain instinctively reacts when encountering the unexpected, like saber-toothed tigers or female tech execs, and proposes that if we have the courage to examine our own behavior when faced with the unfamiliar, we can take control of our expectations, and by doing so, change the world. Valerie Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Goalkeeper Media, maker of communication bots to amplify happiness, including the Happy Couples Bot. Valerie has extensive experience in corporate and start-up arenas, but left Silicon Valley to find success as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Valerie wrote, produced and directed more than 50 shorts, commercials and PSAs, including the award-winning, anti-bullying short film, “Ballpark Bullies”, and the groundbreaking commercial, “Say I Do”, in support of marriage equality. As author of the Amazon #1 seller, “Happiness as a Second Language”, and a nationally known speaker on happiness in the workplace and the advancement of women, Valerie is a recognized expert on the topics. In addition to “Happiness as a Second Language”, Valerie’s books include “Success as a Second Language” and “How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains)”. She holds an honors certificate in the Science of Happiness from the Greater Good Science This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at​


  • uneqi
    uneqi 11 ay önce

    great talk. i enjoyed is a lot

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    afro nija 8 ay önce

    Always something to learn any time I watch this video.

  • Napria A
    Napria A 1 ay önce

    She's an amazing speaker, true stories, statistics, confidence, genuine passion. Eqalism IS important and Everyone needs to be apart of it.

  • Yolanda Allen
    Yolanda Allen 11 ay önce

    This video is definitely an eye opener.

  • Alex Ma
    Alex Ma 11 ay önce

    This was an amazing talk!

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    Joelise Jones 3 ay önce

    This is a great eye-opener, I really enjoyed it!

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    Gud video! :)

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    Thanks its an learning from this vedio

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    Virginia Nourie 6 ay önce

    such a reminder, have seen this many times as I attended school staff meetings through m career

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  • Eliezer Vega
    Eliezer Vega 8 ay önce

    at 6m:16s.... I feel like he was scared of being politically incorrect, which was caused by all these made up social rules I can't keep up with. These rules are really confusing everyone. And I feel he was trying to be relaxed and social at first but then felt he disrespected you. That's what I see.

  • Tanja Fijalkowski
    Tanja Fijalkowski 10 ay önce

    Amazing. Love how comprehensive this was....drew on anthropology, psychology, sociology, comedy. 10/10

  • Oscar James
    Oscar James 5 ay önce

    What a great vid!

  • Living Tango - Argentine Tango lessons, Coaching & Wedding Dance prep

    An excellent talk, truly eye-opening and entertaining at the same time. So well done!

  • Karen Russo The Money Keys

    My husband suggested this talk -- well done!

  • Cary Nakamura
    Cary Nakamura 5 ay önce

    Great TED Talk. Very enlightening and well done.

  • Lethcan Aernis
    Lethcan Aernis 1 yıl önce

    Great talk, thanks so much, a real eye opener and so true about Amygdala, it is scanning for differences and "danger" 24H, the smarter parts of the brain must control it :)

  • 73sark
    73sark 3 gün önce

    My cognitive blind spot does not allow my mind to imagine myself in such a situation period...

  • ThaSunspot Grasshoppa

    T R U T H !!!

  • Tenzin Tsomo
    Tenzin Tsomo 3 ay önce

    I throughly enjoyed this while learning something! Two years later and still relatable!