How Popular Are You Among Your Friends? İndir

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  • 26 Eki 2018

  • Do you know how popular you really are? Popularity is a tricky concept, since you can never be sure how often other people talk or think about when you’re not around. Maybe you think you're actually popular. But what if you're wrong? Scientists believe that people, when trying to make sense of their lives, tend to focus on three main questions: Who am I? Who do others think I am? And who do I want to be? Personality tests help us find out the answers to these serious fundamental questions in a fun way. This test will definitely help you to find out if you're popular or not, at least not right now. TIMESTAMPS: Question #1 1:07 Question #2 1:37 Question #3 2:12 Question #4 2:51 Question #5 3:29 Question #6 4:07 Question #7 4:49 Question #8 5:31 Question #9 6:12 Question #10 6:50 #popularity #personalitytest #beingpopular Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - If your total score is between 50 and 85 points, you're not very popular, at least not right now. But it's only because you don't really want to be! You're very smart, thoughtful, and independent. You're a natural-born leader who doesn’t let others decide who you’re gonna be and how you’re gonna act. - If you got 90 to 125 points, you're right in the golden middle. You're laid-back, quite confident, friendly, and very caring. Plus, you can find common ground with pretty much everybody! Even though the ones in the popular crowd aren’t exactly your closest friends, they still enjoy your company and think that you’re just awesome to be around. - If your final score is 130 to 150 points, congratulations! You’re the epitome of popularity! You're easy-going, fun, and talkative. As they say, “The world is your oyster!” And you’re ready to live this life to the fullest. That's why you won’t ever be found at home on a Friday night. You’re out and about with your chums at concerts, parties, restaurants, you name it! You enjoy being the center of attention and living every day like it's the last. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: