Goodbye Messages From People Who Thought They Were Dying İndir

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  • 20 Eyl 2020

  • In 2016, a diver found himself treading in open water off the coast of Australia, after his tour boat left him stranded. He recorded his thoughts on his GoPro. That same year, a nurse hiking in Arizona wrote a farewell message to her parents after she fell down a cliff and broke her back. And in June of 2020, a hiker used his cellphone to muse on his situation after breaking his leg in the Joshua Tree National Park. Thankfully, all of these people survived.


  • Happy
    Happy 1 ay önce

    Note to self:

  • Official Team PRO
    Official Team PRO 1 ay önce

    Being thirsty while stranded in the largest body of undrinkable water in the entire solar system is quite the middle finger.

  • Hi
    Hi 1 ay önce

    Imagine how many people in these horrible situations could be saved if we had global cell phone service

  • milks
    milks 1 ay önce

    Worst case scenario

  • Brandon
    Brandon 1 ay önce (düzenlendi)


  • Bukuroshe Bytyçi
    Bukuroshe Bytyçi 2 hafta önce

    “So that’s a wrap on old jakey... I guess.” Talk about accepting your fate.

  • Serena Peltonen
    Serena Peltonen 1 ay önce

    ole jakey is my ROLE MODEL

  • Nathan Westwood
    Nathan Westwood 2 hafta önce (düzenlendi)

    I think it was Jakies massive balls that kept him afloat. I mean, being in the ocean whilst it’s getting dark is literally my worst nightmare, yet he’s so calm.

  • Leo Goddess
    Leo Goddess 2 ay önce

    Please tell me that ole' Jakey sued the hell out of the instructor that originally left him. That's crazy

  • Floor
    Floor 1 ay önce

    My last words: “I’m gonna die, but before I do, clear my search history. *bleh*”

  • Maximus
    Maximus 1 ay önce

    Annnnnnd that’s why I will happily stay on flat ground, no water, no planes, no mountains. Just my couch and my fat ass eating chips

  • Musical Vibes
    Musical Vibes 1 ay önce

    Imagine how many people recorded stuff like this and no one has found it =(

  • Fupis
    Fupis 1 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    Lost a friend this year to a motorcycle accident, he would have said the same damn thing.... wish i knew what his last words would have been. Love ya bud.

  • Daniel Ostling
    Daniel Ostling 2 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    This must be crazy painful for the people who thought they would die.

  • Ultra Dragon 360
    Ultra Dragon 360 1 ay önce

    Death: It is time to go...

  • fIyingpeacock
    fIyingpeacock 3 hafta önce

    “That’s a wrap on old jakey” dude was accepting his fate like a man. Glad he was saved....... I’m glad they all survived

  • Mathew Halloway
    Mathew Halloway 1 hafta önce

    HER: “I fell 100 feet down a cliff, broke my back in three places and was completely blacked out”

  • GradenTheBarbarian
    GradenTheBarbarian 1 ay önce

    “Well that’s a wrap on ole Jakey” that’s an incredible line

  • callie • coffee
    callie • coffee 3 hafta önce

    "so that's a wrap on old jakey"

  • Ngo Xuan Loan
    Ngo Xuan Loan 2 gün önce

    “Well that’s a wrap on ole Jakey” that’s an incredible line