CLOSE TORNADO TEARS THROUGH TOWN - Madill Oklahoma 4-22-20 İndir

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  • 22 Nis 2020

  • Extreme up close tornado in Madill Oklahoma on April 22, 2020. This tornado damaged town structures and lofted trees into the air before transitioning to a rope phase. Many people observed a rainbow with this tornado. Moments after the tornado struck, the sky was blue and sunny. Unfortunately it was reported that at least one person has lost their life from this twister. COPYRIGHT PECOS HANK LLC 2020 NOT FOR REBROADCAST To license tornado footage contact


  • Joe O Sullivan
    Joe O Sullivan 6 ay önce

    My thoughts through this video:

  • Raven B
    Raven B 1 ay önce

    I need a relationship as strong as that sign with the red arrow

  • Rusk
    Rusk 1 ay önce (düzenlendi)

    I love the fact that there is a rainbow when there is a natural disaster

  • brentfilmore
    brentfilmore 2 ay önce

    “Pretty damn close”? Brother, you’re in it!

  • Alex J Coop 2
    Alex J Coop 2 6 ay önce

    Tornado: Destroying buildings

  • Asmaa
    Asmaa 1 ay önce

    How my parents went to school:

  • buffalobillbuffalove

    I live in Florida and people always ask my how I could possibly live in a hurricane prone state. At least hurricanes are predictable. This portion of the country, is not even a single state. You get warnings that a POTENTIAL tornado-producing system COULD develop. But it wont pinpoint a location. That first building had maybe 10 minutes warning until the roof was ripped off...and then it was sunny again. No thank you.

  • joe branch
    joe branch 4 hafta önce

    This camera guy wouldn't even flinch if somebody pulled a gun on him.

  • Jez DeLion
    Jez DeLion 2 hafta önce

    You sir, quite possibly have the largest pair of cohones this side of the Atlantic.

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    see you all in 3 years when this is in everyone’s recommended feed again

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    Tornado:I will reck everything

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    This kinda scared me. If I was him I would have been got tf on. Bihh I'm scared!😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

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    "maybe we should take a closer look"

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    Everyone else:

  • Ese chico en línea
    Ese chico en línea 1 ay önce

    I admire the American economy knowing that the damage caused by a tornado in a state recovers over the months and returns to normal, as if it never happened. If a tornado of this size or larger like the ones Oklahoma usually has, were to hit a province in Argentina, it would be a very hard blow to plunge it into a nationwide economic default.

  • Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell 1 ay önce

    Sees tornado casually chewing on warehouse