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  • 24 Ağu 2020

  • Check out some of the MOST VIEWED auditions from this year's America's Got Talent! Which was your favourite audition?! Subscribe for Amazing Auditions ▶︎ #agt #bestauditions #amazingauditions


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    Only 1% will actually see this comment. I wish you all the best in your life. Be always happy and healthy❤️

  • Thais Cristina
    Thais Cristina 4 gün önce

    37 years in prison...for a crime he didn’t commit...that man has the most beautiful spirit

  • Yunxi Rs
    Yunxi Rs 1 ay önce

    Unbelievable really unbelievable... The one who sang the SHALLOW, is she's really 10yrs old I can't believe

  • John Z
    John Z 1 ay önce

    Archie Williams,,, this is a story that should be taken nationally, internationally. The state of Lousiana should be forced to repay Archie for each and every hour, day, week, month and year he was unjustly prosecuted for a crime he was accused of but they could not prove yet he spent the majority of his life behind bars. How can anyone put a price on this. Unbelievable, but we're so thankful he was finally set free and his talent is absolutely wonderful.

  • Melrjewel Lucas
    Melrjewel Lucas 3 hafta önce

    the girl who sang a song made for her father was heartwarming that it made me cry

  • karime meraz
    karime meraz 2 hafta önce

    The girl who sang Shallow is unbelievable, the vocals on that girl, a 10yr girl singing better than most of us could. Just shocked.

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth 1 hafta önce

    The 10 yr old girl who sang Gaga’s song, she needs to have a recording contract. She is truly amazing . AMAZING!!!!! Bless her heart. I wish her all the best in life.

  • Lizzy Liz
    Lizzy Liz 1 hafta önce

    37 years. I couldn't stop tearing for this man. They took his life away from him. May God bless him abundantly and give him life and happiness to the fullest. He's such a hero 37 years didn't break him, he's sweet and humble. We love you

  • Donna Kirkwood
    Donna Kirkwood 2 hafta önce

    Omg she's amazing outa this world were did that voice come from OMG

  • Antonia Barsan
    Antonia Barsan 1 ay önce

    " I was in prison, but I never let my mind go to prison" . What a sentence!what a man!

  • Lashayla Jackson
    Lashayla Jackson 1 ay önce

    The first kids dancing was insane! 🤯

  • Rugged Touch
    Rugged Touch 2 hafta önce

    Millions of innocent people are in the prison for thing they didn't commit may God grant them freedom.. Amen

  • Izzy mk
    Izzy mk 1 hafta önce

    Let’s be honest that 2nd girl is the next lady Gaga

  • tripledstickers
    tripledstickers 3 hafta önce

    May God forgive our justice system for locking this man up for 37 years of his life for something he didn't do.

  • Zafs Simple Garden
    Zafs Simple Garden 1 hafta önce

    man that 10 years old girl talks like a 30 years old adult! im serious........... when i was 10... pikachuu attack! XD

  • the1105mv
    the1105mv 1 ay önce

    I never cried for watching AGT except from the last one. The man who has been imprisoned for 37 years. It was really a powerful song.

  • Hazel Dy
    Hazel Dy 1 ay önce

    Judges: no no NO

  • aleia
    aleia 1 ay önce

    That man missed almost his entire life in prison, paying for someone else's crime. Something seriously needs to change with country

  • MK Norris
    MK Norris 1 ay önce

    Why is there no accountability for locking up an innocent man for 37 years. His life was stolen from him, and we wonder why people are rioting and have list faith in the system. We have to get better.