1. videomuzik.biz how does it work?
On the home page, the user sees three main tabs: Home, Live TV and Best of Live TV
You can find thematic collections of videos sorted by category. Download
• Press to the left of the movie.
• Video. • Animals
• Sports.

• Entertainment.
• Past and styles.
• Science and technology. Also in this menu "History" "Playlist" - a list of registered users - "Waiting list" - a list of notes that the user would like to see at other times; listed player.
Registered users can record video comments, record the most exciting posts and record them on their own channels.
After entering the site, the user enters his room, the creative studio where the control panel is located, the video density and the number of videos. You can also find the "Video Manager" tab here.

5. What is the Trends section? ? videomuzik.biz are the most popular videos in the "Trend" section. Here are some of the most interesting videos: popular music kits
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What is the trend section?
The videomuzik.biz site, the most popular videos are included in the "Trend" section, which contains the most interesting videos: clips, movie trailers, new channels of popular channels and ndash; There are several themes in the "Trend" section: clips, footage, a new story for a popular channel; on various topics. and riddash; on various topics.